Lena Hawkins


A public access talk show hosted by Lena Hawkins and Michael DiPietro filmed in the meeting room of the M.L. Baker Private Branch.

Pilot Episode
The first installment of Conversations features Lena Hawkins, Public Relations Representative of
the M.L. Baker Private Branch having a conversation with Michael DiPietro, Managing Agent of the ConSec Performance Research Laboratory.
Today's topic is The Archive, and we'll be discussing recent mergers and acquisitions between our respective companies.

Exclusive Interview
Lena Hawkins sits down for a Conversation with international musician Champagne Sequins with an exclusive studio tour.

Uncomfortable Conversations
For a special live performance Conversations got down to the real issues. Hosts Lena Hawkins and Michael DiPietro called
guests from their live studio audience up on stage to participate in Uncomfortable Conversations and talked it out.