STROBE Network

Flux Factory | June 12 - 21, 2015

STROBE Network was a temporary broadcast network that aired via digital streaming platform, featuring artworks from 75+ artists  including Ann Liv Young, Viva Body Roll, Steve Roggenbuck, and Robert Ashley. STROBE Network created and distributed an alternate reality version of mass culture that was free, conscious, experimental, and uncensored. Streaming 24/7 for ten days, STROBE Network  featured video art, performance, animation, talk shows, music, and archival materials from Performa, VML, and ESP TV. In addition to streaming via our website, live tapings took place at our sound stage in the Flux Factory gallery in Long Island City. Off-site spaces hosted tapings and viewing parties and a Strobe TV Toilet Viewing Station was installed at Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY.


Zodiac Moon CalendarAstrology, Silk Screen

Peaceful LifetimeScreen Print, T-Shirts

LongTIMEMural, Painting

Recipes for UtopiasPerformance, Installation

Utopia SchoolGraphic Design, Mural, Painting

Spirit MoleculeMural, Painting

Nunca TerminaGouache, Painting, Watercolor

Mystery of the PsychicMural, Painting

Zodiac ClubGraphic Design, Event Series

ParanormalGouache. Painting, Watercolor

Perpetual Piñata ParlourPerformance, Installation

Strobe NetworkExhibition, Experimental Broadcast

Full Moon SettingGouache, Paiting, Watercolor

Prints on PaperScreen Prints

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