Zodiac Club

Zodiac Club was a collaborative project that spanned from 2014 - 2018 comprised of Lena Hawkins, Allison Halter, Tina Kohlmann, and Will Owen that produced a series of events and design ephemera. Zodiac Club engenders a space to explore the mysterious realms that exist on the edges of our rational understanding of the world. Like historical salons, we intermingled artists, healing practitioners, and a curious public in a setting that encourages a spirit of inquiry regarding phenomena that are currently beyond our comprehension.


Zodiac Moon CalendarAstrology, Silk Screen

Peaceful LifetimeScreen Print, T-Shirts

LongTIMEMural, Painting

Recipes for UtopiasPerformance, Installation

Utopia SchoolGraphic Design, Mural, Painting

Spirit MoleculeMural, Painting

Nunca TerminaGouache, Painting, Watercolor

Mystery of the PsychicMural, Painting

Zodiac ClubGraphic Design, Event Series

ParanormalGouache. Painting, Watercolor

Perpetual Piñata ParlourPerformance, Installation

Strobe NetworkExhibition, Experimental Broadcast

Full Moon SettingGouache, Paiting, Watercolor

Prints on PaperScreen Prints

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