March 12, 2021-March 21, 2021
36 White Street
New York, NY

A pop=up group show. featuring visual art by Elina Ansary, Justin Donica, Lena Hawkins, and Laila Lott. Excerpts from the Press Release:

The juiciness of loss. The lushness of grief. The visceral way that the past follows us as we move forward in time. In a year where Death has climbed into bed with us all, Ghost Juice examines time, perception, bereavement and transcendence through the interaction between symbolic imagery and found material.

In the basement, Lena Hawkins’ (BFA Parsons 2010) delicate gouache paintings explore the extramundane and the mysterious realms that exist on the edges of our rational understanding of the world. Hawkins’ imagery is situated in the liminal space between reality and a transcendental zone. These intimate paintings are presented alongside a collection of sculptures made from found objects and repurposed trash. From melted lollypops set in resin to a shirt hand-dyed with a funerary bouquet, the works are records of grieving both highly personal and immense collective mourning.